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Walnut Lawn Funeral Home, Ltd. DeGraffenreid-Wood-Crematory is a reputable funeral home and cremations service provider in Springfield, MO. The Wood family established Walnut Lawn Funeral Home, Ltd. In 1989, along with the DeGraffenreid family. In 2013, we've added an on-site crematory in our facility and changed our funeral home name to Walnut Lawn Funeral Home, Ltd. – DeGraffenreid-Wood-Crematory. Our dedicated team is always at your service in providing your family with the best service. Our funeral home is a place where your family will feel welcome and comfortable in memorializing and celebrating a life well lived. Our experienced team is dedicated to this vision and is driven to make your time with us as memorable and uplifting as possible. To know more about our funeral home and cremation services make sure to call us at (417) 886-6127 or visit us at 2001 W Walnut Lawn St, Springfield, MO 65807.


When death takes a loved one, actions have to be taken in short order to care for your deceased’s final arrangements. Finding a provider with the experience you can trust will be so helpful as you navigate this challenging time. Ideally, you will want to work with a full-service funeral home. That way, they can handle all of the services surrounding funeral and cremation in Springfield, MO. This saves time, money, and reduces stress overall.


Consider that the professional team at Walnut Lawn Funeral Home, Ltd. DeGraffenreid-Wood-Crematory has been working in the industry for more than five decades. With that long track record comes the benefit of vast experience. It has also led to thousands and thousands of satisfied customers and a solid reputation.


Whether this death was expected or not, as you find yourself making the final decisions, it can be daunting. There are no “redo’s on an event of this nature. It is important to have a trustworthy team to support you in creating a ceremony of which you can be proud. Your special loved one’s unique life should be honored fittingly, no matter if the ceremony is large or small.


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Full Panel of Services Offered for Funeral and Cremation in Springfield, MO


The funeral experts at Walnut Lawn have a complete selection of products to support funeral services, cremation services, or a combination of the two. While a traditional funeral is a celebrated choice, there are many options to support more modern or alternative choices as well. Ultimately it comes down to the options that the clients prefer. Our aim is to educate the consumer on the available choices and then support what they choose.


Full funeral services can be applied to a range of circumstances. For example, traditional routes might include the full panel of services from embalming the deceased, setting up a viewing or visitation event, and then holding the funeral in honor of the decedent. Alternatively, it may be appropriate to have a smaller graveside service just prior to interment. In some instances, it makes sense to skip the public service and have an immediate burial. A memorial service might be held at a later time if desired.


In 2013 our business grew with the addition of an on-location crematory. Adding cremation services to our professional and personally delivered services has been welcome news to our treasured clients. Having greater control of this process means greater security, higher quality, and, therefore, more peace of mind for all of us.


A myth we run into often is that cremation cannot be selected if a funeral is to be held. This is simply not the case. More and more, families opt to have the healing support of a funeral service followed by a cremation service. The resulting “cremains” can then be buried, scattered, or held in an urn at a location of your choosing. When considering funeral and cremation in Springfield, MO, know your options!


Our cremation services can be fit to the situation at hand and the family’s preferences. As such, we will accommodate direct cremations which have no attached service. Other times a memorial service held after the cremation takes place seems best. As mentioned before, it is possible to pair funeral service with cremation. When this is chosen, we make rental caskets available for the body to be held within during the funeral.


We carry a wide selection of applicable merchandise. Things like caskets, grave liners or burial vaults, and urns can be purchased directly through us. Additionally, there are keepsake mementos that can be ordered, including cremation jewelry. Each of these products is offered to provide peace of mind with high-quality products.


Respect for Veterans and Military Personnel


Those who give so much to our country should be honored for their sacrifices. As such, we are compliant with the law, which provides free funeral or cremation services to honorable veterans who are eligible. Please bring a copy of the deceased serviceman or woman’s appropriate forms to verify qualification for this program.


The minimum services for military personnel include the playing of taps, honor guard detail, and the final folding and presentation of the United States flag. Other available services may consist of a flag-draped casket, rifle volleys (representing duty, honor, and country), and a final salute.


Our team is also well acquainted with the benefits that are offered through the United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA). It is our pleasure to assist you in getting connected with and communicating with this department to provide you with needed services at this time.


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With compassion, we invite you to contact us for your needs surrounding funeral and cremation in Springfield, MO. We are Walnut Lawn Funeral Home, Ltd. DeGraffenreid-Wood-Crematory, easily accessed at 2001 W Walnut Lawn St, Springfield, MO 65807. Call (417) 886-6127 to discuss your needs.


Funeral & Cremation FAQs


How do you plan a simple funeral?

  • Choose the legal representative of the deceased?
  • Choose a funeral home.
  • Choose a style of layout.
  • Choose a form of operation
  • Choose the venue of the funeral service.
  • Find and schedule a member of the priesthood or an officer.
  • Choose a casket.
  • Choose a burial container and/or a vault.
  • Learn More.

What are the different types of funerals?

  • Cremation service.
  • Burial services.
  • Religious funeral.
  • Woodland burials.
  • Direct cremation.
  • Alternative funerals
  • Learn More.

How to schedule a veteran’s funeral?

  • To begin with, you may want to select a funeral director to help you arrange the burial. You or the funeral director should contact the National Cemetery Scheduling Office at 800-535-1117 to arrange a burial. Learn More.




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