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If you have had a loved one die, one of the things you have to do is ensure your child knows the truth. Many times, parents try to protect their children from these things by not letting them know of the death, but that is a mistake. If you are not sure about how to tell your child about a death, there are some suggestions that directors of funeral homes in Battlefield, MO want you to keep in mind.

You need to be honest with your child and use clear language. Lots of times, parents try to soften the news of the death by using euphemisms, but that can be more confusing than helpful. You want to be sure that you let them know that the person has died. They may have questions about the death and you want to give them the answers they need. Do not offer more information than they ask for, since that can confuse them.  

You want to reassure them that what they are feeling is normal and that you are also experiencing grief after the loss. Children can sometimes think that sharing what they are feeling with adults will upset them and so they will keep it to themselves, which is not healthy. By encouraging them to speak about what they feel, you will be making it easier for them to heal.

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Another thing to remember is that you want to give them the choice of being involved in the services that you are preparing for the person. Attending a funeral or memorial can be just as helpful for them in the process of healing as it can be for adults. You want to give them the choice, though, and never force your child to go to the service if they do not want to.

If you see that they have more questions that you cannot answer, you may want to reach out to a funeral director for a bit of guidance. They have experience and training about talking to children about death and they may be able to help you with some of the questions your child may have.

Letting your child know of a death is never going to be easy, but it can be a bit simpler if you keep these things in mind. You want to be sure that you use clear language and that you allow your child to ask questions. If you think they are old enough to attend a service, give them the offer of doing so. The more options and the more you involve them in the process of laying a loved one to rest, the sooner the healing can begin. To learn more about all of these things, you want to consider reaching out to a Battlefield, MO funeral home like us at Walnut Lawn Funeral Home Ltd. Degraffenreid-Wood Crematory. Our team is ready to help you with the decisions you need to make after a death. Call us right now or visit us today 

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